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Image number: 74262

Isopode de cardinal parasitant un Marignon mombin Belize ; L'Isopode de cardinal parasite le Marignon mombin.

© Brandon Cole / Biosphoto

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Wild animal / Fish (animal) / Osteichthyes / Actinopterygii / Soldierfish / Blackbar soldierfish (Myripristis jacobus)

Wild animal / Crustacean / Isopod / Isopod (Anilocra sp) / Isopod (Anilocra laticaudata)

Enumeration / Pair

Area / Strand

Organism / Morphology / Morphology (zoology) / Fin / Pectoral fin

Earth's crust / Rock

Species / Relation between species / Parasitism / Parasite

World sea and ocean / Atlantic Ocean / North Atlantic Ocean / Caribbean Sea

Organism / Morphology / Morphology (zoology) / Fin / Tail fin

Organism / Morphology / Morphology (zoology) / Fin / Dorsal fin

Shot / Three quarter shot

Colour / Pink

America / Central America / Belize

Shot / Underwater shot

Organism / Anatomy / Organ / Physiological system / Sensory system / Eye

Species / Species particularity / Fishes particularity / Saltwater fish / Coral reef fish

Latin keywords

Eukaryota / Opisthokonta / Metazoa / Bilateria / Coelomata / Protostomia / Articulata / Arthropoda / Crustacea / Branchiata / Malacostraca / Eumalocostraca / Peracarida / Isopoda / Cymothoida / Cymothoidae / Anilocra

Eukaryota / Opisthokonta / Metazoa / Bilateria / Coelomata / Deuterostomia / Chordata / Vertebrata / Pisces / Osteichthya / Actinopterygii / Teleostei / Beryciformes / Holocentridae / Myripristis

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