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Image number: 2135168

Mantled Howler monkey (Alouatta palliata), showing infestation by a Botfly (Cuterebra baeri), Gamboa, Panama, November

© Ignacio Yufera / Biosphoto

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Image size: 2899x4347 pixels (9.7"x14.5" @300dpi)

Shooting date : 2016-12-01

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Area / Forest / Tropical forest / Tropical rainforest

Species / IUCN Red List of Threatened Species / Low Risk (IUCN) LR / Least Concern (IUCN) LC

Eukaryota / Opisthokonta / Metazoa / Bilateria / Coelomata / Protostomia / Articulata / Arthropoda / Tracheata / Antennata / Hexapoda / Insecta / Diptera / Brachycera / Oestridae / Cuterebra

Individual / Nobody

Species / Relation between species / Parasitism / Parasite / Endoparasite

Animal / Wild animal / Mammal / Primate / New world monkey / Howler monkey / Mantled Howler Monkey (Alouatta palliata)

Flora / Urticales order / Moraceae family / Cecropia (Cecropia sp)


Species / Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) / CITES Appendix 1

Species / Relation between species / Parasitism / Parasite

Health / Disease / Infectious and parasitic disease / Myiasis

America / Central America / Panama

Shot / Overview

Shot / Profile shot

Behavior / Social behaviour / Communicate / Sound communication / Vocal communication / Shout

Enumeration / Alone

Animal / Wild animal / Insect / True fly / Fly (insect) / Botfly (Oestridae sp) / Botfly (Cuterebra sp) / Bot fly (Cuterebra baeri)

Latin keywords

Eukaryota / Archaeplastida / Chlorobionta / Embryophyta / Tracheophyta / Spermatophyta / Phanerogamae / Angiospermae / Dicotyledoneae / Urticales / Moraceae / Cecropia

Eukaryota / Opisthokonta / Metazoa / Bilateria / Coelomata / Deuterostomia / Chordata / Vertebrata / Synapsida / Therapsida / Mammalia / Primates / Haplorhini / Platyrrhini / Atelidae / Alouatta

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