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Honey bee (Apis mellifera) - Head of a bee with its proboscis, its tongue taken with a photographic technique of focus stacking. We can see, from top to bottom: an ocellus, the compound eyes, the antennas, the mandibles and the tongue. The ocelli are set in a triangle on the top of the head of a worker bee. The worker bee's compound eyes have 5000 facets. The antennas are composed of a flagellum (divided into 10 segments in the worker bee), a pedicle and a scape. The mandibles permit the bees to knead and shape the wax and propolis, fight, clean the hive and care for their queen or their brood. The tongue, called the proboscis, is a complex organ made up of many parts.

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Image size: 3467x3734 pixels (11.6"x12.4" @300dpi)

Shooting date : 2016-11-03

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Wild animal / Insect / Hymenoptere / Bee / Honey bee (Apis mellifera)

Science / Scientific research / Scientific imagery

Organism / Anatomy / Organ / Physiological system / Sensory system / Eye / Compound eye

Organism / Anatomy / Organ / Physiological system / Sensory system / Eye / Simple eye / Ocellus

Shot / White background

Organism / Morphology / Morphology (zoology) / Proboscis

Organism / Morphology / Morphology (zoology) / Worker (zoology)


Shot / Cut out

Enumeration / Alone

Shot / Macrophotography

Shot / Front shot

Shot / Portrait

Organism / Morphology / Morphology (zoology) / Mandible

Organism / Morphology / Morphology (zoology) / Tongue

Individual / Stage of development / Imago

Organism / Morphology / Morphology (zoology) / Antenna (animal)

Organism / Morphology / General morphology / Head

Individual / Nobody

Latin keywords

Eukaryota / Opisthokonta / Metazoa / Bilateria / Coelomata / Protostomia / Articulata / Arthropoda / Tracheata / Antennata / Hexapoda / Insecta / Hymenoptera / Aculeata / Apoidea / Apidae / Apis

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